Our Recipe of Yummy Translations

Yummy Translations was started in 2011 as a response to the crisis of localization quality in Russia. After checking hundreds of software user interfaces and websites localized into Russian, we were truly disappointed by the level of localization job there. No wonder the reputation of translation profession was assaulted.

At that point we decided to step in to change the situation and made localization quality our highest priority. And we mean it! Yummy doesn’t see any value in meaningless typing and delivering word-for-word translations. Only working on localization quality we help our customers reach their business goals. Even more! Only working on localization quality we grow and develop ourselves.

Yummy’s team consists of experienced localizers and managers who share our values. We work only with people who are ready to learn and develop themselves. We constantly train our translators turning them into elite localization forces. And we truly enjoy what we are doing. For us localization is art, and we work to turn every user interface, webpage, or marketing leaflet into a true masterpiece. For us, source is just a beginning of the road to perfection.

Today we localize and transcreate into Russian and Ukrainian. And if you are searching for perfect localization that will look as if originally written in these languages, your quest is over! We are expensive, and we are worth it! Choose Yummy Translations as your ultimate provider of high-quality localization services! We look forward to working with direct clients and multi language vendors sharing our vision.

Translation, localization, review and consultation services provided by Yummy Translations have already helped all our customers to achieve their goals:

  • Improve sales (record is 15 % increase in sales triggered by the promo letter localized by us)
  • Retain customers (record is 17 % drop in bounce rate of the e-commerce site localized by us)
  • Boost downloads (record is 30 % increase in the number of the Android Play app downloads)
  • Reduce the load on the support service (record is 24 % decrease on the support service due to the quality of the help center translations improved by us)

Moreover, working with us directly you immediately save at least 30 % of your localization budget. Here is how:

  • Even with standard tariff you receive guaranteed creative adaptation, review, and proofreading
  • No need to check after us.
  • Free maintenance of live translations (warranty maintenance)
  • No need to manage translations (one-click approach)
  • No need to maintain document versions
  • Local prices are much cheaper than international

If you have any questions, feel free to ask them any time by phone or e-mail.