We do more than just a mere translation - we add value to your content in a target language. On every stage of the translation project we look for opportunities to make your local clients and users happier!

When working with us, you are allocated a project manager and a translator, who will process your translation and localization requests. So at any time, you know people working with you. Depending on the volumes, this can be a translation unit - a team of translators working mostly with your projects. Moreover, you will be able to test and select translators for the unit. If needed, we are ready to help you find and train your in-house translators.

When translating for you, we really become part of your team. To better understand your localization needs, our translators are ready to regularly visit you on-site, or arrange calls and videoconferences. In addition, we can help you improve the quality of the original content, create glossaries, and consult you on how to streamline localization processes. We also adore asking questions!

When localizing, we truly work with your content, not only making it sound local, but also fine-tuning it to the needs of your target audience. In practice, this means that rather than translating, we re-write your content in a target language to better reveal an idea, explain a feature or catch attention of local readers.


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