We believe that true transcreation can make miracles. It inspires, promotes, sells, talks to a target audience in a language that is best known by the target audience. Transcreation requires a localizer to be a true master of the language and the subject domain they work with. And Yummy is the expert on transcreation.

Just send us a source and we will make sure that the transcreated version looks as if it was originally written in Russian. We will take into account any specific of your target audience and its language. We will select the best keywords to help you find a way to the hearts of your customers. And we will do our best to help you achieve your goals.

Moreover, to ensure sustainable success we will develop styleguides and terminology for translators and copywriters, allocate a team to your account and LQA the transcreated content in context to guarantee the success of your products and services.

All our trancreators are seasoned writers who love the Russian language and who share the values of Yummy Translations. And the key value for Yummy is to make sure that your clients can easily communicate with your business in a perfect Russian language. 

Give us a try and you won't feel sorry! We promise!