Yummy's Mission

Yummy's mission is:

Provide the best services, treat our clients' business as it's our own, work with constantly developing and inspired localization specialists to add value and take the industry quality standards to the ultimate level.

Each phrase in this mission means a ton to us and we want to share our values with you :)

"What" value

Provide the best services - no matter if we translate or transcreate or localize or manage a project - we strive to be excellent. If we turned out not to be excellent for some reasons (yes, it may happen sometimes as we are humans) we take our medicine and learn lessons to become even stronger and better and more excellent. We are constantly open for feedback and we do take it seriously to provide the best services in the market. 

"How" values

Treat our clients' business as it's our own -  we are proud to translate, localize, transcreate and manage projects, as if we do it for our own product. We see ourselves as part of the client that needs our services. We learn our client's business goals, love and respect for the product, corporate values as well as language and tone and make them our own goals, values, language and tone. For each project we become virtual loyal employees of the client and we hope they feel it.

Work with constantly developing and inspired localization specialists means that we hand pick our experts. We work only with people who strive for knowledge and information, who constantly search to develop their soft and hard skills, who enjoy reading books, and who are curious to learn more and share our culture. Only people who are inspired by what they do can achieve this. Inspirations starts with "I", which makes it true and only fuel to Internal growth and development. 

"Why" values

Adding value is why we love localization and transcreation industry. That's a chance to do more than just a translation. Today it is not enough just to translate the text. It needs to be re-thought and truly adapted for a local audience. It should help a client to achieve its business goals. And that's why it deserves understanding and love. It requires a whole infrastructure around it including glossaries and styleguides. It needs communications to clarify any finest nuances. It requires people who will go beyond the translation to make the text look as if it was originally created in a target language.

Take the industry quality standards to the ultimate level - we want to return respect to a translator job. And it can be achieved only if we prove that a translator can do something that no other specialist can. And this is the ultimate level of localization and transcreation quality. We don't compromise when we do the job. The only goal for us with any type of text is to make sure it looks as if originally written in a target language. It should read, feel, taste and smell real and crystal clear. It should have a soul and emotion. Not something that machine translation, mediocre translator or non-language specialist will be able to achieve any time soon.